DOG BLOOM Xtrabloom Wate


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Excellent Source of essential fatty acids for:

  • Underweight or finicky eaters
  • Improving skin and coat condition
  • Energy boost during times of illness or convalescing

A MUST IN EVERY BREEDING PROGRAM. Given during last week of pregnancy maintains Bitches energy levels and increases liveliness of newborns for more vigorous live born. PROVEN! Bitches produce higher quality and quantity of milk.  Maintains peak condition of Bitches for quicker recycling and rebreeding.

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Introduce gradually into diet mix well in wet or dry food, Daily dosages listed below may be divided into 2 or more servings

One teaspoon = 3 gms.

3 oz. – 42 Teaspoons Per Container
13 oz. – 185 Teaspoons Per Container
3.5 lb. – 434 Teaspoons Per Container

1 teaspoon Per 25 lbs. body weight

1 teaspoon per 15-20 lbs. body weight

BITCHES last 20 days of Pregnancy and all of lactation
l teaspoon per 15-20 lbs. body weight

1/2 teaspoon per 5 lbs. body weight

1/2 teaspoon

QUEENS Last 14 days of pregnancy and all of lactation
1/2 – 1 teaspoon

KITTENS — up to 3 months
1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon

Note: Individual animals can vary In their response to fat additions in the diet Above dosage levels may be adjusted to achieve desired results.

Store In Cool Dry Place

Best if used by 8 Months after opening


Guaranteed Analysis
Crude ProteinMin 4%
Crude FatMin. 80%
Crude FiberMax. .15%
MoistureMax. 4%
AshMax. 2.5%


Animal Fat (preserved with bha), corn syrup solids, casein, lecithin


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