Supplements recommended for
Breeding / Kitten


Kitty Bloom VM 900+3

Formulated with 15 Vitamins, 10 Minerals and Taurine
Proven safe and effective with millions of cats
and with all types of diets
Essential in the Feline diet
Great for finicky eaters!

Kitty Bloom Xtrabloom Wate

Excellent Source of essential fatty acids for:
Underweight or finicky eaters
Improving skin and coat condition
Energy boost during times of illness or convalescing

Kitty Bloom Xtrabloom Digest-Aid

Unique blend of beneficial digestive bacteria, enzymes, and FOS
Use daily to increase feed absorption, consistency of stools, and protect against digestive upsets. Also useful in establishing “good” bacteria for newborns!
Safe and Effective With Any Diet!

Kitty Bloom Super Lysine

Concentrated source of pure l-Lysine with real cheese and chicken liver flavor. Each ¼ tsp supplies 368 mg. of l-Lysine Effective in boosting immune system in cats and kittens. Use in conjunction with VM900+3.


Kitty Bloom Xtrabloom C1

Xtrabloom C1 is pure U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C Sources. No dilution is made.
Xtrabloom C1 is pure ascorbic acid.